Vision 2 x 3.5mm, 2m 2m 3.5mm 3.5mm Wit audio kabel

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2x 3.5 mm, PVC, 26AWG, White



This simple patch cable connects your phone or laptop to most audio systems. Minijacks are also known as 1/4″ (quarter-inch), or TRS jack (tip-ring-sleeve) and 3.5 mm jack. They carry a “line-level” signal.

– 3.5 mm 1/4″ (male) jack to 3.5 mm 1/4″ jack (male)
– Colour: White
– Gold-plated connectors
– Narrow plug to fit iPhone sockets
– Insulation: Double-insulated with Aluminium foil
– Sheath: PVC, outer diameter: 3 mm (0.11″)
– Conductor thickness: 26AWG
– Tinned copper spiral shielding

Model2 x 3.5mm, 2m


Lengte snoer2 m
Aansluiting 13.5mm
Aansluiting 23.5mm
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Materiaal buitenmantelPolyvinyl chloride (PVC)
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