GO Lamps GL1422 195W UHP projectielamp

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 99,56 incl. BTW

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Lamp for Acer MC.JN811.001




GO Lamps are a leading manufacturer of Genuine Original replacement projector and RPTV lamps that offer the exact same performance as the original.

With lower manufacturing costs and a shorter route to market, GO Lamps are generally priced 25% to 35% more competitively without any compromise on the quality.

GO Lamps are available through an authorised network of dealers, resellers and service centres across Europe with plentiful stocks ready for next day delivery.


CompatibiliteitAcer AS304nAcer AS307nAcer AS313nAcer AS314nAcer AS317nAcer AS318nAcer AW314nAcer AW318nAcer AX314nAcer AX318nAcer D600+nAcer D600D+nAcer D600H+nAcer D602nAcer D602BnAcer D604nAcer D604BnAcer D605nAcer D605DnAcer D605HnAcer D610D+nAcer D612DnAcer D614DnAcer D615DnAcer D622DnAcer D624DnAcer E145FnAcer EV-S62AnAcer EV-S62HnAcer EV-S64nAcer EV-S64AnAcer EV-S64HnAcer EV-W62HnAcer EV-W64HnAcer EV-X62HnAcer EV-X64HnAcer H6517ABDnAcer HE-801KnAcer V13SnAcer V30SnAcer V32SnAcer V32WnAcer V32XnAcer V33SnAcer V34SnAcer V35SnAcer V35WnAcer V35XnAcer X115nAcer X115AHnAcer X115HnAcer X117nAcer X117AHnAcer X117HnAcer X1184GnAcer X1184PGnAcer X1185GnAcer X1185PGnAcer X125HnAcer X127HnAcer X1284GnAcer X1284PGnAcer X1285GnAcer X1285PGnAcer X135WHnAcer X137WH
Vermogen lamp195 W
Soort lampUHP