American Battery RBC12 Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA) 7Ah 12V UPS-accu

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RBC12, 12V, 7ah



General Battery Specifications

– An RBC is a Replacement Battery Cartridge for an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS is a battery backup power source.
– 12 volt Batteries
– 8 maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries (12V 7ah)
– Maintenance Free Sealed Lead Acid leak proof batteries

RBC12 Battery Assembly Contents

– 8 sealed lead acid batteries with cables, and connectors
– Installation guide & Recycling guide
– Reusable packaging to ship old battery back to ABC for recycling
– Full assembly that is plug and play & Hot Swappable
– Expected Battery Life: 3-5 Years

UPS Replacement Battery Description and Attributes

– Manufactured to the exact specifications as OEM batteries
– RBC Assemblies come complete with all required connectors, cable, fuses and metal enclosures where applicable. “No Assembly Required”
– ABC Batteries come Pre-Charged and can be used immediately, reducing install time and UPS downtime
– Plug and Play and Hot Swappable compatible to simplify installation
– Installation and Recycling guide included with product
– ABC Batteries are a dependable source of backup power to maximize your run time while reducing your risk of losing critical information

Individual Battery Technical Specifications

– 8 Batteries: 12 Volts, 7 Amp-Hours
– 5.94″ x 2.56″ x 3.8″
– Tab Size: 0.25

Reduce your cost and Save Money with ABC UPS Replacement Batteries

ABC’s UPS replacement battery assemblies are 20% – 70% less expensive than OEM Batteries. Our batteries will give you top performance with double the standard industry warranty. ABC stands behind its product and offers a full 2 year warranty. This will save you money at time of purchase and reduce the number of times you need to purchase a replacement battery for your UPS units. Over the life of the UPS, this could save you hundreds of dollars.

Green Recycling Program

With the growing concern of having a clean environment, millions of batteries are still getting improperly disposed of into landfills each year.

ABC has taken the initiative to offer a free battery recycling program to all of our customers. We have made it easy to do with our specially designed reusable packaging. Simply install your new battery, place the old battery back into the original packaging and ship it back to ABC.

Thank you for your contribution in reducing waste in our local landfills, and for keeping the environment cleaner and safer.



Energie-opslagtechnologie accu/batterijSealed Lead Acid (VRLA)
Accu/Batterij voltage12 V
Aantal inbegrepen batterijen8 stuk(s)
Batterij capaciteit7 Ah
CompatibiliteitAPC DL2200RM3U, DL2200RMI3U, DL3000RM3U, DL3000RMI3U, SU2200RM3U, SU2200RMI3U, SU3000RM3U, SU3000RMI3U, SU5000T, SU5000RMT5U, NS2200RM3U, NS3000RM3U, NS3000RMT3U, APC3RA, APC3TA, SU20000R3X155, SU2200RB3120, SU2200R3X106, SU2200R3X147, SU2200R3X152, SU2200R3X167, SU3000R3BX120, SU3000R3X145, SU3000RMTX136, SU5000R5TBX120, SU5000RMT5UXFMR, SU5000TX168, SU5000TXFMR, SU5000R5XLTXFMR, SU5000RMTXFMR, SU5000RMXLT5U, DL5000RMT5U (2x), SU5000R5T-TF3 (2x)

Gewicht en omvang

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Breedte260 mm
Hoogte97 mm
Diepte152 mm

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Temperatuur bij opslag-15 - 45 °C